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    Error 0x80131620 in Windows Movie maker

    Whenever I try to export some project from windows movie maker I end up getting the error code 0x80131620 and it fails to do the export of the project. What is the reason behind this type of problem? How it can be resolved? Can someone discuss this and help me soon to finish the issue?

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    Re: Error 0x80131620 in Windows Movie maker


    Reply : Error 0x80131620 in Windows Movie maker

    Rather than directly Exporting movie, see if you can save the movie (File => Save Movie) to your PC.
    If that works, try manually uploading the created video to your online account.

    Also We can check the length(Time duration) of your video, there is not allowed more than 5 minutes in some sites...

    I hope this helps...

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    Re: Error 0x80131620 in Windows Movie maker


    Reasons to your problem are --->
    -The issue might be related to the saving of the movie.
    -The file type might be incompatible.
    -Windows Movie Maker basically works with .wma files.

    Solutions to your problem are --->
    -First of all try to save the file in your computer.
    -For this go to file option followed by Save Movie option.
    -If problem persists,then you should try to resolve the source files.
    -Convert the video to .wma format.
    -You can do this using the Freemake tool.

    Your problem will be solved.

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    Re: Error 0x80131620 in Windows Movie maker

    Hello friend,

    Its not a big problem,please go to he your system desktop,

    After this open the your system browser and search the windows movie maker latest version,

    Then download in your system and install,

    Now create the any videos and y project and save your system,

    I hope this information use full to you,


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    Re: Error 0x80131620 in Windows Movie maker

    Hi aspirant,

    You are facing such issues because......

    Your video card is not sufficient to adjust the resolution and requirements of the Movie maker.
    DirectX is not updated to its latest version.
    System do not have WDDM drivers.
    System does not has WARP feature which helps in compensating for the lack of above features.

    Steps you need to take to resolve your issue are.....

    Go to the my computer and right click it.
    Scroll down to the option named system properties.
    Check out the graphics features that is listed along with all other configuration that are installed in your system.
    If the graphics card configuration is high enough to support the running of Movie maker then the problem is with the video card driver issue.
    Go to the device manager and check out the driver issue.
    Other wise go to the video card official site and get yourself a new driver for your video card.
    From there you can also download WDDM drivers incase the currently installed driver has corrupted.
    If your system does not have any of the mentioned configuration then no need to install all those costly video cards.
    Just install the WARP feature on to your processor and your problem will be solved......

    ALL THE BEST........

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