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    Error while printing from RedPlum

    Facing this issue from 2 days now. Whenever I try to print in Redplum it gives me the error message as "Error - You may be running a program that interferes our security. Please exit the programs before trying to print" but there is no application I have opened. What to do for this problem? Thanks.

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    Re: Error while printing from RedPlum

    Hello there !!!

    the error is due to the redplum you are using.
    this particular application is not compatible with the windows security check.
    and therefore the window is raising error.
    so if you want to run this redplum you need to ensure the following things :-

    1. disable the antivirus program if any.
    2. turn off the windows defender.

    now run the program.
    it will do for what it is designed for.

    hope i am clear to you.
    thanks for posting in EALP.

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