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    Not receiving calls or text messages in HTC Evo 4G phone

    Text messages and calls I am not able to receive at all in my HTC Evo 4G phone. Why is this happening? What should be the issue? I just tried doing the soft reset and when I do that I get the error message as “Error: System Crash”. Why this is showing up? What can be done now for fixing this problem? Please help.

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    Re: Not receiving calls or text messages in HTC Evo 4G phone

    If theerror message system crash is being displayed, what is the latest condition ?

    Are you in a position to do anything now ? Situation is fairly unclear.

    Under otherwise normal condition, you need to check the message sending Service Center number which sometimes goes wrong and sending and receiving can be a problem. Even the option Block Messages, should be checked if that is enabled.
    In the call settings, check if the outgoing calls are selected with Auto Reject,
    Show My Number option is set to OFF, or calls are barred.

    Take appropriate actions against them to solve the issue, but if the Software Crash is the reason ,
    You must contact the authorised service center for maintanance.

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