5 Fitness Gadgets To Sigh For

Fitness 3.0 3

Exercising is not what it used to be, especially because many of us already exercise from home with our mini gyms.  And also, because today we want to be ‘ultra-connected’ and check our activity in real-time, but without being distracted.

The latest fitness gadgets on the market now give us that desired freedom: these are the most outstanding novelties in ‘tecnofitness’.

Fitness 3.0 3
Fitness 3.0 3Select Tech 560 dumbbells. These smart weights have a sensor that records all your training: calories, repetitions … In addition, with a simple ‘click’ you select from 32 weight options (€ 365). bowflex.com

Fitness 3.0
Fitness 3.0

Fini Swim Duo. An advanced headset for the most demanding swimmers. Although, they are not actually carried in the ear: the sound comes from the cheekbones to the inner ear through the bones of the face (€ 350). finisswim.com

Fitness 3.0 1
Fitness 3.0 1Fitbit Ionic. The best ‘smartwatch’ on the market has everything. You can even pay in stores with its ‘contactless’ function. Apart from that, it acts as a personal trainer while recording your heart activity and playing your favorite music. All in one (€ 299.95). fitbit.com/en/ionic

Fitness 3.0 5
Fitness 3.0 5Solo glasses. Among smart glasses, one of the best options is Solos. They inform you of your exercise in real-time through their screen and have integrated headphones. They are also compatible with Ant + sensors (€ 430). solos-wearables.com

Fitness 3.0 2
Fitness 3.0 2
PowerDot Duo. Electrostimulation reaches a new level with the Power Dot. These wireless patches (with mobile app included) promise that you will forget about the heavy ‘vest’ of electro fitness without losing the rest of its advantages (€ 329.40 the pair). mypowerdot.eu



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