5 techniques to improve your sales that you cannot miss.

Many companies make the mistake of looking for clients through ineffective and outdated sales techniques, thus losing a number of opportunities to obtain a greater volume of better qualified potential clients here are some techniques to improve your sales .

For this, at thedailybuggle, we want you to not waste time and we have prepared a list with tips so that the search for customers focuses only on those who are really interested in your product.

Use all the techniques that we provide you together. In such a way you will be able to hook potential clients and convert them into sales.

1. Break the ice sooner.

No, knocking on the door and asking the person’s name is not an ice breaker. To do that is to lose half of your sales by invading the privacy of someone who does not know you. You can break the ice with the public that interests you by taking the first contact with them through their social networks such as Facebook or Twitter: Leave a like or comment on some of their photos and respond to each and everyone who leaves you a comment.

2. Create an up-to-date professional profile.

Yes, you can be the best cook in your city or have the best flower shop, but if nobody knows you, what is it going to do for you? Give your social networks a boost and update them with content that helps your potential clients. Write in a blog about your company and look for conferences or meetings in the same sector where you can give a talk and make contacts to give more visibility to your company. Advertise your business until you are sure that the people you want to know you.

Once you have created this profile, you must keep it updated. It is not enough to publish news related to you and your sector without rhyme or reason. Write to yourself about what will help you sell the most, for example.

  1. Turn your sales into a personalized service. 

There is no use that you have sold one of your precious plants, if later a client asks you how to take care of it and you do not provide any answer. Take care of customer service to the utmost detail. Inserting a chatbot on your website can help you do this and minimize the costs of customer service carried out exclusively during business hours.

If your customer has a problem with their order or simply doesn’t like it, try different techniques to improve your sales to be creative and offer solutions so that they are well satisfied. This will increase the chances that customers will repeat the purchase as they will be happy and it may also cause the effect of word of mouth and your store will be recognized as a good place to buy for other potential customers.

4. Make your speech sound natural.

It is good to prepare a speech, in fact, it is advisable to be able to maintain a guided conversation and not stay misled towards a possible useless conversation. Sounding like a robot sometimes causes the person on the other side to lose interest in the product you are trying to sell. This added to the fact that at that moment you are invading their privacy are the factors that will make you go directly to the SPAM folder or they tell you the famous “I’m not interested”.

Many times we are wasting potential clients just by not having good communication. here are some techniques to improve your sales .Offer a good offer if it is your first contact with that person, talk about the importance of choosing you, and not someone else, in short, communicate your added value. Only then can you get them to continue listening to you.

Prospecting potential customers, that is, trying to find the people most related to your product. That is why in the first contact you make, you should not start attacking with what your prices are and how much it will cost the client everything, no. If we start from the assumption that this person does not know who you are, or if you are real, they will directly be too “cornered” by what you are commenting on.

The first words you are going to say after the initial greeting are important, yes, money is a way to convince, but only if it is your sales strategy, if you do not have the cheapest product, you should ask if you usually buy similar products or if have you ever used one, to help you discern between a qualified lead or a discarded one.

The best advice I can give you is to do tests. Doing tests will make you delimit all those failures that you had previously. Each call, email, or meeting is different, so use different strategies depending on the segmentation you have made of that potential client.

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