5 ways to attract customers on the internet

With increasing competition, attracting customers is a challenge for any business; and the internet can help us achieve this goal to attract customers on the internet. However, we must bear in mind that more and more companies are online and that, for users to choose ours, we must offer them something that makes them opt for it.

Therefore, in this post, we will review some of the elements that you can offer on the internet and that can serve as a hook to attract customers; But first, we will talk about two of the tools that we will use to place the hook in view of the Internet users: ads on Google and ads on social networks (mainly on Facebook).

With these tools, you will be able to reach users, showing them an ad, so that later they leave their data on a landing page and automatically become leads (potential clients, already with name and surname, ready to receive communications from the company).

The ads uptake in Facebook Ads and Google Ads are the two most effective tools for attracting potential customers because of its ample segmentation, which makes the ads show a very accurate, consistent audience to the target audience of the company.

In addition, advertisements in the Google search channel allow you to reach an audience that is already searching for our services or products.

For example, when a user enters the words ‘mountain biking routes’ in the search engine, we can activate an ad that causes them to leave us their data (for example, in exchange for a quick bicycle repair guide) and, eventually, become a customer. Instead, we can activate a different ad for the words ‘buy mountain bike’. In the latter case, since the potential customer is ready to buy, we can offer them a persuasive offer.

In Facebook Ads we can segment by demographic data (marital status, age, with children …), but also by interests, causing the ad to be shown to potentially interested people.

How to attract customers on the internet

offering downloadable content (reports, templates, ebooks …). Downloadable content of this type is used to capture leads from users interested in the topic, who may or may not already be interested in buying but are already looking for information. Although you have to wait a while until they are informed and decided, these leads are also likely to become customers.

Offering free trial versions and samples. In this way, users will have the product or service in their hands, being able to test it. If the performance is good, they will hardly give up on getting it permanently.

With offers and discounts. Offering discounts, price reductions, or other types of offers is one of the best ways to attract customers in the Google Ads search channel since in many cases users will already be looking for where to consume.

Promoting webinars or courses. In a physical or online way, getting users to register for courses or master classes can help get leads that can become customers. Also, as we have helped them learn, they will see our company as an authority on the matter.

With forms to request quotes or more information. For some types of services or products (normally, large invoices), offering a budget or more detailed information (catalogs, presentation of services …) will help users to contact the company. Many times, consumers prefer to fill out this type of online application for first contact, compared to other channels such as telephone.