7 elements that a professional website must have

Nowadays it is no longer enough to be present on the Internet with a Professional website, since both users and search engines are the ones who are responsible for penalizing websites that are not updated and adapt to the new times.

Therefore, any professional website must meet a series of conditions to achieve an optimal result. As a first action, it is advisable to visit the pages of your main competitors to see what elements they gather, as well as also reviewing templates and designs to see which ones can best be adapted to your website.

Although it is true that today there are various applications to create your own website, having the help of an expert can make the difference between an acceptable website and another fully optimized to increase both visibility and conversions.

Essential elements in a professional website

1. Header

The header of the home must be striking to invite the user to browse it. It is necessary that the first image that visitors have on our professional website is attractive. For this reason, the logo must be in a preferential place and it is convenient to resort to corporate colors without excessively abandoning that color range for the rest of the web.

The header acts as a business card and is directly related to the time spent on the page and the bounce rate. To achieve an optimal result, you must summarize in a few words, how your brand can meet the needs of your potential customers.

In the same way, the more information you have on keywords and the more useful and intuitive the web is, the better positioned it will be in the search engines, and the better it will be evaluated by users.

2. Social media buttons

Another important part of your home website is the social media buttons, as they are the best means that companies have to reach their audience. In addition to favoring return on investment and increasing visibility, networks are a perfect channel for customer service and finding out what your potential customers are interested in.

Including buttons that redirect to the different social networks will help to unify your digital presence and, consequently, will increase the trust of users.

3. Products / Services

This is one of the most important parts of the web, as it provides your users with all the information about your company’s offer. Whether you have an e-commerce or if you only have a physical store, it is important that you include a search engine and that you group the products by categories to facilitate the search for users.

4. Corporate blog

For a website to appear in the first positions of search engines organically, it is necessary to create content based on keywords so that Google bots can position the page in the first positions.

In addition to improving SEO, creating content regularly on topics that add value to the user will help strengthen branding and give your brand the quality of an expert in the field and a benchmark in the sector.

5. Contact

This section is very important, both to offer the user personalized solutions and answers to specific queries and to create a database that we can use later to send newsletters and news that may be of interest to users.

So make sure you have at least one phone number and one email. It is advisable to try to increase the stay on the page and avoid the user having to open a new tab or window.

A good resource that is present on many websites are chatbots or live chats, through which any questions or queries can be resolved quickly and efficiently, in a way that positively affects your purchase intentions.

6. Geolocation

Users find it very useful to know where companies are, in fact, the first positions of organic position, even above the paid positions in search engines, correspond to the maps. This is because a large number of searches made from mobile devices are to find out the location of companies.

Therefore, appearing on Google Maps will increase the confidence of users and improve your positioning, as well as being very easy to embed on the web. Do not forget the responsive design, since it must be fully adapted to a correct visualization from mobile devices.

If you have a physical business and you think that by its decoration or by offering an extra experience to users, you will increase your competitive advantage by showing the interior, we recommend going one step further and resorting to Street View Trusted, which consists of a tour of it through 360º panoramic photos.

7. Who we are

This section is decisive, especially if we want to convince users that what our company can offer them is much more than what our competitors can do.

Thanks to the inclusion of an “About us” page, where you share your company’s history, visitors are more likely to feel a connection that can lead to a sale.