To have good light at all times, do not miss this article in which we show you A flexo for every need, you will surely find the perfect one for you.

Whether to read, write, draw, be with the computer, work, study, etc., light is a very important factor to take into account. If the activities to be carried out can be done during the day and you have a window nearby, the idea is to take advantage of natural light whenever you can.

The reality is that many times it is not possible to use sunlight and we need lamps and artificial lighting. In the case of working at a work table or similar, the most common is to get a good flexo , since ceiling, wall or floor lights affect our area from points that can produce shadows or that do not give us precise lighting.

For this, today we present you a flexo for each most common need that can be given in day to day, so that you can adapt the light to the way you work, read, write and it does not matter your posture or position with respect to the light, already that you can adjust it as you need.

One of the most outstanding features of this gooseneck is its multifunction base. Thanks to this, you can place pens, pencils or other small stationery items in the space designated for it or leave your mobile in its slot that works as a support. It is also cordless and with an adjustable neck and stem.

In case you want to take care of your sight

Although there are many models of hoses that already incorporate a design to take care of the eyes, we recommend this one that has 52 LED light points that generates a soft light, without flashes or harsh shadows, which reduces and avoids eye fatigue caused by some older lamps that tend to flicker or blink. This makes it perfect for almost any task.

The ideal for reading

Its ergonomic neck with arbitrary 360º rotation and its clamp base to hold on to different surfaces make this small gooseneck a perfect option for reading lovers. Whether on a table, an armchair or in bed, you can use this flexo with the light you need for a moment of reading, since it also works without cables.

For the individuals who spend numerous hours before the PC

This type of flexo is something particular since it has a horizontal design with a special appliqué to place it on a monitor or screen, which makes it perfect if you spend many hours in front of a computer, either for work, study or for leisure. It also works with LED light and has different power levels depending on what you need.


For the more traditional

If the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘flexo’ is a lamp like the one in the following image, your tastes may opt for this type of more traditional and classic design, faithful to the old flexos but adapted to your needs since you can place the bulb you prefer.


For those who need to save space

A requirement in many spaces for work, study, reading, etc., is to have enough space to be comfortable. If you choose this folding flexo you will hardly notice that it takes up space and it will not take away any space. Its elongated and flat design with a reduced base adjusts to your needs without sacrificing pleasant light and with three brightness modes.

The most original and versatile

If you are looking for an original design, without cables, comfortable, modern and that adapts to almost any situation, this is the one. Its design allows it to adopt different shapes, as you can see in the image below, and it even comes with elements to be able to fix it to the wall. It can be folded and uses LED light without the need for wiring.