Improve the relationship with your customers with the help of a CRM


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software allows you to manage customer relationships in a more effective way. It is an increasingly popular solution that can be applied in the areas of sales, marketing, customer service, and after-sales. Thus, it includes tools to manage touchpoints: any interaction between customers or potential customers and the company, from the … Read more

What is and benefits of a responsive web design?

responsive web design

Perhaps the crisis caused by covid-19 has made you aware of the need to digitize your business and that it has a corporate website. But before starting the development of your website, you will be interested in knowing the benefits of responsive web design. What is a responsive web design? Web design is what establishes … Read more

How does it work business line of credit?

business line of credit

One of the products available on many business accounts is the business line of credit. Surely you have heard about this option, but do you know exactly what it is? Do you know how it works? What is the difference between a traditional loan? We will answer all these questions below. What is a business … Read more

5 ways to attract customers on the internet

customers on the internet

With increasing competition, attracting customers is a challenge for any business; and the internet can help us achieve this goal to attract customers on the internet. However, we must bear in mind that more and more companies are online and that, for users to choose ours, we must offer them something that makes them opt … Read more

How to get B2B leads for your company

get B2B leads

If you work in a B2B company (Business to Business), you will already know that this market has its peculiarities. Obtaining B2B clients is not an easy task: access to client companies is complicated (sometimes it is difficult to know what position you should reach or who makes the decision), usually, the closing processes of … Read more

What is a Sales Lead?

What is a Sales Lead

If you are interested in the world of marketing or sales, or if you are simply trying to figure out how to get more customers, you have probably come across the word ‘lead’ at some point. Knowing what and how to use a lead in sales can transform and improve the strategy of any business. … Read more

How to do video marketing in 2020?

video marketing

What is video marketing? How to do video marketing? Advantages of doing video marketingThe video marketing has become one of the most important trends of digital marketing in recent years. It is an effective strategy to reach new customers and connect in a deeper way with those who already know the company. What is video … Read more