Business directory advertisement are very effective in attracting new customers. When a user opens one of them it is because they are already willing to buy, so they only have to choose where to do it.

In this decision, the design of the ad has a fundamental weight. Faced with various advertisements from unknown companies, all of them close, the company with the most attractive advertisement has the most ballots to be chosen, because a professional design tells us that the company is too.

How to Design an Ad for a Business Directory

The size of the ad

Size is a key factor. It is clear that a larger ad attracts more attention, but not only because of its length but because it offers us a bigger canvas to display our skills. The important thing is how we use size: a large but poorly executed ad (with too much text or unfortunate images) will not meet the objectives.

At this point, it is also worth highlighting the importance of studying what the competition does. With a larger ad, we get to position ourselves with more authority and that all eyes are on our ad.

The logo

It should occupy a privileged place in the ad, usually at the top. It brings seriousness and confidence and puts the visual memory of users into play, who can quickly recognize it if they have already seen it, making them quickly locate businesses that they had previously resorted to, but whose name they had forgotten.


You must take into account your own factors, such as corporate colors, but also other external ones, such as the most used colors of the competition. In any case, the background of the advertisement must be of a tonality that makes the logo stand out and, in turn, stand out on the directory pages. A good idea to create contrasts is to use complementary colors.

To ensure good readability, it is easiest to use light colors for the ad background and darker colors for the text.


The telephone number is the preferred contact mode for users who use business directories, so it should be the most prominent piece of information, larger in size, and even in a different color or font.

With a larger ad, you can include more elements, such as the physical address (many users prefer to approach in person or want to contrast which of the listed businesses is closer), the web address, and the list of products or services you offer. Use easy-to-read fonts, avoiding capital letters, underlines, and italics.


If the size of the ad is less than half a page, use a maximum of one graphic element (not counting the logo) to avoid saturating. Include photographs or other elements that provide information (a sample of your work, your store, a photo of the team …) or that help to clearly identify your business activity at first glance.


Follow the maxim of ‘less is more’. Respect the margins and leave enough ‘air’ for all the elements to breathe: do not crowd photographs, justify the texts, and make sure that everything is easily perceived in a schematic way, with a single glance.