folding keyboard

Discover the advantages of having a folding keyboard for all your devices


Wireless, light and compact, this is the folding keyboard, a device that you can use for a computer, a laptop, a tablet or even a mobile phone.


The variety of technological products that we can find today is very wide. Many types of telephones, desktops or laptops, tablets, keyboards, wireless headphones, removable memories … All of them designed to help us in our day to day to speed up and facilitate many of the tasks we need to perform, whether for work or for other reasons. .


The truth is that in the workplace and academia, the rise in the use of technology has been noticed in recent years, gaining importance to the point where a computer is an essential work tool.


Changes in society, teleworking, fluidity in the activities entrusted to us and many other factors, make us look for the most comfortable and functional technological elements possible. This is why smartphones, tablets and small laptops have become very popular with consumers. In them we navigate, answer emails, search for information, manage it, write it, have online meetings, design … Endless tasks associated with jobs and studies of all kinds.


As we have commented, getting articles that help us and facilitate these tasks makes the difference. In today’s article we want to tell you about one of those products: the folding keyboard. A keyboard is essential to write anything digitally, they are integrated into our devices, also independent, with and without cable. But if we go one step further we find folding keyboards.

folding keyboard

This type of device is perfect for those people who often vary their workplace or who have to move a lot due to the tasks they carry out. Whether you work with a computer, a tablet or even a mobile, this keyboard adapts without problem and provides great ease and comfort when typing.


There are many different models, although here we recommend one of Amazon’s best sellers, the ESYNiC mini triple-down wireless keyboard. Its characteristics include its size when it is folded from the sides, which makes it fit in the palm of the hand, and can even be carried in a pocket.


It works wirelessly via Bluetooth and offers up to 80 hours of continuous use, with up to 60 days of sleep mode, thanks to its 210 mAh rechargeable battery. It turns on when you open it and turns off when you fold it, which is very practical, in addition to having QWERTY keys for quick access and custom design including volume keys, music control, brightness, etc.


It is a keyboard compatible with multiple devices such as those that use iOS, Android or the Windows system, including a Broadcom Bluetooth module that gives it a range of up to 10 meters from the device with which you use it. It also has a power saving mode that automatically shuts down after ten minutes of inactivity.


folding keyboard

It only weighs 460 grams so it is very light and is made with aircraft grade aluminum for great rigidity and resistance, which makes this device robust and durable over time and use.


If you need a portable, light, compact and comfortable keyboard , do not hesitate and get a folding keyboard , a solution that will help you in your day to day, whether in the professional field or any other.