Today we will talk about the Drift DR500, a chair that is characterized by its comfort, its quality, and the possibility of choosing it in various colors. If you want to know more about this chair from the Drift brand, join us in this new thedailybuggle article.

What is the Drift DR500 like?

Most of us already know how important it is to maintain good posture while playing or working. Not for nothing has already been shown that those who spend many hours in front of a computer or sitting in the office and do not have a proper seat suffer from pain in their back and neck. For that reason, if you are someone who spends a lot of time in front of the PC, it is important that you have a chair that provides you with not only comfort but also a way to maintain good posture. In this way, you can carry out your tasks without problems and without suffering so much back pain. Today, we will talk about the Drift DR500, a gaming chair available in various colors, and premium quality materials.

Moreover, without looking at the most important characteristics of this type of chair, we will see that they almost always have the appearance and design of sports seats, since it is more ergonomic and promotes good posture because car drivers have to pass several hours sitting in them. Also, another of the characteristics that differentiate these chairs from others is the combination of colors. You can buy them in black so that they not only adapt to different rooms, but also to different types of user, and with a color combination in which this color usually predominates with other strong tones such as greens, blues, and reds. Finally, the armrests also come prepared to move in different directions and adjust in height so that the shoulders can rest.

In the case of the Drift DR500, the first thing we see is that it has 4D armrests, that is, they move in four directions and, in addition, their height is adjustable, so they are very comfortable. It also has an innovative tilting system so that the weight of the body is better distributed on the chair and it is much more comfortable for you to use it, as it naturally shifts the center of gravity. Its backrest, likewise, is reclining in 135 degrees, which will allow you to rest your back in any position, whether it is played or work. In addition to its two cushions, lumbar and cervical, this chair is prepared so that you can spend hours in it.

Therefore, the characteristics of this gaming chair are, first of all, its 4D armrest. You can adjust them laterally, forward and backward, and also from left to right, as well as adapting them in height. They are padded to make it much more comfortable for you to place your arms and allow you to play several games without getting tired. Secondly, the manufacturing materials of this chair are of great quality, since it is designed with a robust structure that is covered with padded FOAM and polyurethane. Therefore, being built with high quality and durable materials, this chair will last you a long time, as well as being very pleasant to the touch because all the details have been taken care of in its finish. This way, you won’t get tired of sitting on it.

Apart from the manufacturing materials, resistance is undoubtedly very important, since a good chair must be able to support a good weight. With its class 4 piston, the Drift DR500 can support a weight of up to 150 kg. Therefore, with it, you will feel very safe. This, in combination with its nylon wheels and metal base, makes it a very safe and comfortable chair. You can move it with ease thanks to the ultra-smooth movement provided by the nylon wheels and safely by its metal base with a matte finish and designed in a star shape.

As we have already pointed out, its seat is tillable, so you can maintain a proper posture without being aware of it. Its ergonomic shape will ensure that your muscles do not suffer and that the chair itself adapts to your movements in the best possible way. In fact, you can also adjust its height to suit different spaces and your needs at all times, since not all desks are the same. And when you want to rest, you just have to recline its back, which is smooth and without holes, up to 135 degrees. With its butterfly-type mechanism, you can rest and relax as you like between games and thus find the angle that best suits each moment. Combining it with the lumbar and cervical cushion, you can always maintain a proper posture in front of the PC, which will avoid many health problems in the long term.

Drift DR500 Features


External materialHigh-quality soft PU (polyurethane)
Internal materialFull molded foam. Density 65 Kg / m3
ArmrestsPainted black with polyurethane padding | Extra and adjustable padding (4D)
BaseType: star | Finish: painted black | Dimensions: 700mm
WheelMaterial: nylon | Color: black
Elevator80mm gas piston | Class 4 | Painted in black
BackAdjustable 90-135º
CushionsCervical and lumbar
SwingarmButterfly mechanism
General measures70 x 126-136 x 55 cm (width x height x depth)
Available color’sBlack / Red, Black / Green, Black / Blue, Black
Net weight25 Kg
Maximum weight supported150 kg (Maximum weight allowed with the backrest in an upright position)


Opinions of this gaming chair

This chair is good value for money. We can find it in different colors that we will see below. The best thing is that it has a class 4 piston that makes it very resistant and its armrests move in four directions and are padded, so they are also very comfortable. It is also made with good materials, although it must be noted that, although it is comfortable, it is quite hot, especially in summer, so at this time of year it is not as comfortable as advertised.