If you use the computer for many hours a day, you may be interested in these ergonomic computer mice: choose the one that best suits your needs.

As you have seen in previous articles, such as the one we talked about the footrests or the supports for screens, from The Essentials we give great importance to that you feel well while using your technological devices, emphasizing the use of the computer.

If you work in an office, from home, if you study online, if you do a lot of things on the computer or if you simply use it for leisure, in all cases, it is crucial that your body is in a good position so as not to damage it or create discomfort.

The more time you spend in front of the screen, the more attentive you should be to these aspects. That is why today we want to talk to you about ergonomic mice. When using a computer, the mouse is an almost essential element, since with it we manage the entire system and it facilitates thousands of tasks at the click of a button. Although in the case of laptops, for example, the mouse is incorporated in the form of a touch surface, perhaps using it in this way for a long time can be uncomfortable.

In the same way, a conventional mouse is designed with a standard structure that, with continued use, can end up causing discomfort in the hand or wrist, and even lead to tendonitis. This is due to the fact that the placement of the hand on the mouse is not natural, having to adapt our body to a device, generating an uncomfortable wrist twist and a somewhat forced position of the hand and fingers.

With ergonomic mice, the aim is to find a solution to these problems when handling the device. In this case, it is the object that adapts to the body and not the other way around, which generates greater comfort and naturalness in your movements and positions.

If you spend many hours in front of the computer and you notice that the muscles and tendons of your hand and wrist are suffering more and more, it is time to give ergonomic mice a try and start improving your experience with this product.

Below we have selected several types of ergonomic mice with varied designs so that you can find the one that best adapts to the natural way of holding the mouse and being able to handle it for hours without discomfort.

Ergonomic vertical mouse

This type of mouse is ideal for a correct position of the wrist and, consequently, to prevent bad positions and ailments such as tendinitis. Its base is a very wide one which provides stability and the size is valid for many types of hands.

Ergonomic Trackball Mouse

This model offers an extension in the part of the thumb, with a softball to be able to handle it without forcing this finger. The rest of the structure also allows the hand to fit more comfortably than with traditional mice.

Compact ergonomic mouse

The peculiarity of this mouse can be found in two small ‘fins’ that extend on the sides of the base of it. This allows you to rest your hand on them and not directly on the table or the surface below, which allows more relaxation of the hand.

Ergonomic vertical adjustable mouse

This optical mouse has higher sensitivity than other models and features a soft textured rubber surface for increased comfort. Its curvature means that having it in your hand does not cause any type of forced posture and that movements are more fluid when using it.