How to choose best gps tracking device for cars (Review & Buying Guide) in 2021

car GPS tracker constitutes an ultra-sophisticated geolocation technology capable of following the tracks of any moving vehicle, in this case, your vehicle. The advent of this system responds to the upsurge in auto theft. As a device for recovering your property, it does not directly represent an anti-theft device. The subtraction occurs, but you can recover your property and if possible arrest the perpetrator of the theft. Current advances in technology and geolocation chips have enabled manufacturers (Invoxia roadie, TiFiz, TKSTAR, Lockbox, TK102, etc.) to flood the market with an assortment of products with features as attractive as each. other. It is therefore normal to experience difficulty in finding the GPS beacon corresponding to your needs. We suggest that you decipher the determining factors in this choice in order to provide you with a sufficient repertoire to facilitate your deliberation. Read this buying guide to discover these different criteria.

Why buy a GPS tracker?

Before the 2000s, the use of GPS equipment was generally reserved for the armed forces. But recently, the interest in owning this fruit of technology has increased. And professionals and individuals alike are now using it. Installing a car GPS tracker is one way to be able to follow the path of your vehicle in the event of theft. And at the same time to be able to provide the appropriate data to the police in relation to its geolocation. This allows you to reduce the recovery time of your automobile and also increase the likelihood of apprehending the perpetrator.

For the optimization of the course of professional missions, its effectiveness remains undeniable. Taxi companies, for example, use it to allocate trips to the appropriate vehicles based on their location. In the case of high-value freight transport companies, they equip their trucks and trailers with car trackers in order to follow their routes in real-time. This arrangement has the advantage of anticipating ambushes and hijackings, but also of finding the goods in the event of theft.

However, its use is not limited to automobiles. There are motorcycle GPS tracker-type models that are perfect for retrieving your motorcycle (a scooter, for example), in case it is stolen from you. It can also be transformed into a safety element, in the event that the owner is the victim of an exit from the road and cannot be seen by the users. Such a device could allow relatives with access to the location to find it.

All in all, its practicality and reliability in preventing theft, but also in helping to recover the property are the reasons that make it a popular security device. So you should find the best GPS tracking device for car.

best GPS tracking device for car

How to choose the best gps tracking device for a car
With the price range available and the variety of features offered by manufacturers, it is important to weigh yourself against the factors to be favored in choosing the best GPS tracker. To this end, the dimensions, the GPS functionalities, the options without GPS, the autonomy, the sensitivity, and the precision, the subscription, and the fixation stand out as the most determining criteria.


One could consider autonomy as secondary. But it plays a decisive role in the operation of such equipment, especially in the event of theft. It actually determines your room for maneuver. Is it limited, your time to recover the property will be reduced? The size and price of the GPS tracker determine this important factor. Models over 100 €, for example, offer significant battery life of up to more than 7 days. This reduces the hassle associated with recharging and therefore increases your room for maneuver in the event of a loss.

Height and weight

These two variables and more precisely the size determine the discretion of the geo tracker. Opting for a compact and small size would be the best choice. However, it should be noted that some larger equipment has a greater autonomy. It will therefore be necessary to find a compromise between discretion and battery capacity, especially since both are necessary.

Fixing the GPS beacon

While some models are placed by magnetism on the vehicle frame, because they are equipped with a magnet, others can be satisfied with a storage compartment or an OBD port (in cars since 1996: trucks, construction machinery, utilities, etc.). Still, others are small enough to be concealed in a storage compartment or any other compartment of the vehicle.

GPS sensitivity and accuracy

Often expressed in dBm, sensitivity provides information on the equipment’s ability to detect movements. As far as precision is concerned, it indicates the position of your property to a few meters. The more the number of meters decreases, the more it increases. Sometimes, the weakening of the autonomy undermines the precision of the device.


GPS beacons transmit their position either by internet or by SMS networks. A subscription beacon comes with its own built-in SIM chip and will automatically connect to these networks. If you prefer a GPS tracker without subscription, be aware that they are sold without a SIM card. Thus, you will have to take an SMS package, even prepaid. However, each option has its advantages. So, depending on your needs, you can make the right choice.

Features related to geolocation

Depending on the model, manufacturers offer certain functions:

  • taking a position;
  • the definition of zone;
  • configuring alerts in frequency and format (by email, SMS, or PUSH notification, sound alert);
  • the creation of a security perimeter;
  • Overspeed alert;
  • real-time monitoring;
  • motion detection;
  • several numbers to be alerted by the GPS beacon;
  • the telephone function;
  • switching off the engine;
  • alarms (anti-loss, anti-manipulation, anti-withdrawal, movement, exit from the surveillance zone, low battery). 



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How to install your GPS tracker?

Regarding the installation, a fairly discreet solution is needed to prevent the thief from disassembling the device before the asset is recovered. To do this, many models opt for magnetic mounting. Using a built-in magnet, they can be placed easily and away from prying eyes on the vehicle chassis or in a corner of the body. However, others, such as the Carlock Traceur plug into the car’s OBD port. Some general-purpose GPS beacons are nevertheless designed to be content with the storage compartment. But long before the installation of the device, you must configure, depending on the model, the zones and the zone entry and exit alerts, the position taking interval, but also create alerts linked to motion detection, overspeed, theft, and finally define the modes notification (email, SMS, push notification, sound signal).

Do not forget to change the default password, check the compatibility of the SIM card, record the number of the GPS equipment and finally recharge the battery. Because these are essential prerequisites for installing the GPS tracker.

How to use your car GPS tracker?

After installation comes use. To this end, complete control is required. This is why you must make the user guide for the chosen model your own. Thus, to know the position of your automobile, you will just have to send an SMS from your telephone to the chip of the equipment. He will then triangulate his exact location (within a few meters) from the satellites at his disposal and respond to you according to the model by SMS, email, etc.

However, the car must be outside, because under an underground car park the signal does not pass. However, to overcome this limit, some manufacturers to offer the best GPS tracker offer to send the reference of the nearest telephone relay so that you at least know the district in which your property is located.




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