If you work in a B2B company (Business to Business), you will already know that this market has its peculiarities. Obtaining B2B clients is not an easy task: access to client companies is complicated (sometimes it is difficult to know what position you should reach or who makes the decision), usually, the closing processes of the sale are longer, or with more people involved, and purchases are made rationally.

However, among the particularities of the B2B market, there are also some beneficial ones: the invoicing of B2B operations is usually very high and company-clients tend to be much more loyal. This also means that B2B companies can invest more in customer acquisition strategies than B2C (Business to Consumer) companies since the return on investment will be more easily positive.

How to get new B2B clients?

The first step is, logically, to find them. For this, we could use company databases, which provide information segmented by sectors and activities, in order to locate those that we are interested in addressing.

Another option is to use recruitment strategies that ensure that customers are the ones who come to us, voluntarily offering us their data. With lead capture campaigns, salespeople will receive data from potential customers who are also potentially interested in what we offer and willing to receive communications from the marketing or sales department.

How are leads captured?

A lead is a contact who voluntarily leaves their data, but usually does so expecting something in return. This can be simply information, a query, or a quote, but we must always make sure that the lead knows what they are going to get.

With this as a basis, we must say that there are many ways to capture B2B leads, both with online and offline media. It can be done physically, offering a magazine in exchange for visitors leaving us their data; or organizing an event of interest to our potential client, so that users register. However, and although these methodologies can be useful to boost sales from time to time, they cannot provide a constant flow of leads, since they are actions of a specific nature.

The best ways to capture leads

To attract leads in a constant and economical way, it is best to opt for capture on the internet, particularly with the help of Facebook Ads and Google Ads. The process would look something like the following:

First of all, with these tools, we can segment the audience the ad is going to reach, showing users who are either actively looking for related services/products or who meet the potential customer profile (Facebook and Google can know the places of work of its users, their interests, their position in the company, etc. .; depending on the pages they visit and the information that the users themselves enter).

The ad appears before the eyes of the already selected audience. It is very important at this point to make it clear what we offer: a discount, a free webinar, a consultation with an expert, downloadable content, the preparation of a budget, more information…

A percentage of users will click on the ad and fill in their data (usually on a landing page, where there will be a form), giving express consent for company communications and becoming a lead. After that, it only remains to close the sale.