Latest trends of 2020 for the decoration of your living room

Decoration Latest trends
We offer you some decoration ideas for the living room according to the latest trends this year. Renovate your home without getting into renovations.

Decoration is a very personal and subjective matter. No matter how many trends become fashionable, it is best to choose to adopt the elements to your liking, because your home is a place where you spend a lot of time and where your comfort and personality prevail.

If we talk about ideas to decorate your living room, it also depends a lot, apart from your own style, on the characteristics of the room technically speaking. It is not the same that it is small than large, square, or with uneven boundaries, with a lot of light or with little. Being realistic, sometimes we don’t have the possibility of getting a magazine print, but with the decoration ideas for the living room that we have compiled for you, inspired by the most outstanding trends of this 2020, you will surely be able to add grace and style without giving up to your personal touches.

Japandi style

One of the most current trends for this year. It fuses the Japanese with the Scandinavian, as can be deduced from its name. The keys to this type of decoration lie in the simple but practical, using neutral colors and materials that emulate nature and bring harmony to the environment. You can mix Scandinavian characteristics such as the warmth of a fabric with hair and some Japanese decorative detail, such as a mini zen garden or a typical Japanese teapot.
Japandi style


This trend is one that never goes out of style and you can always implement it, as it will look good whether you have a large or small room, and also, it is usually cheap. We know that the bulk of this style is the use of the fewest possible items and elements when decorating, as well as simplicity and functionality that make the space sober. To put this idea into practice, you can opt for furniture with very geometric shapes, inconspicuous colors, and very orderly dispositions of the elements. Remember: sometimes ‘less is more’.

Wood as the protagonist

Whether in a more rustic, more elegant, or vintage style, wood is a material that cannot be missing in your living room. Some proposals for its use are veined, dark, and rough woods. Or if you prefer something more delicate, choose small furniture with light wood tones, with some metal details. If you have the possibility, a great idea is to have a ceiling with exposed wooden beams, you can leave them in their natural color or paint them as you prefer. This will give a touch of class and personality to the room.
Wood as the protagonist

Predominant white with hints of color

Within all the color options that exist to decorate your living room, white is still a winning bet. There are many benefits of choosing this type of decoration, you can adapt it to different styles: more romantic, minimalist, modern, Scandinavian … Also, fleeing from the belief that a totally white environment can seem cold or bland, if you hit the right combinations you will have an incredible space. It should be noted that it is always possible to add a small touch of color, in details such as books, vases, or a cushion, as we propose below. Although the main elements and the walls must be white. Try this trend to decorate your living room and you will see how grateful it is.
Predominant white

African touches

Breaking away from some of the simple styles above, this decorating trend isn’t for those who don’t dare to risk it. The ethnic and culture-based elements of the African tribes add personality, character, originality, and color, without losing harmony or good taste. It is not that it is about filling the room with African motifs and saturating the environment, but rather about integrating small details and warm tones that give tints that remind us of the most significant aspects of the most traditional Africa.
African touches


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