Although the importance of video in marketing grows by leaps and bounds, this is still a field that is not fully explored. Content marketers tend to focus on articles and infographics, leaving YouTube videos to vloggers and big brands.

Why include videos in your marketing strategy

According to a survey by ThinkWithGoogle, almost 50% of Internet users search for videos with a product or service before an actual visit to the store. That sounds pretty convincing, doesn’t it?

If you’re still not convinced, read this: Nearly two-thirds of shoppers say they were inspired to buy something after watching a video. Regarding the platform, more than 90% of the respondents discovered brands and products through YouTube.

Then we can already affirm it; It is extremely important to expand your marketing campaign to YouTube.

But how do you get your videos to be seen? We will give you 7 marketing tips that will improve the results of your YouTube marketing campaign.

This description is important because it makes your channel look more trustworthy.

You only need a few short sentences to convey the essential purpose of your channel. Let’s look at an example. We choose the YouTube channel, Neil Patel.

2. Use keywords

When you’re trying to develop an effective content marketing campaign, you have to focus on the keywords that help Google detect your page. YouTube works through its own search system, so keywords are also needed.

You should definitely use relevant keywords in your channel description, but don’t stop there. You should also include them in the video title, description, and tags.

3. Create educational videos

There are over a billion users on YouTube. Your audience is definitely there. But why should they see your content?

You have to give them some kind of value.
If you’re wondering what types of videos to start shooting, don’t focus on direct marketing. Provide educational videos. These can be explanatory videos, where the characteristics of your products or services are shown, how to use them? Tutorials.

Before buying something, people want to see those kinds of videos.

4. Scheduled webinars

Did you know that YouTube allows you to host webinars directly on the platform? This type of content works very well because your audience does not perceive it as a promotion. In addition, it helps you show that you are making a real effort to provide solutions.

Through webinars, you can teach your visitors how to get better results from using your products or services. You can also take the topics suggested by your audience and discuss them in detail.

Make sure the content of your webinars is attractive and relevant.

5. Integrate YouTube videos with your social media marketing strategy

Of course, you need to promote your YouTube videos. While the platform will suggest your content when people search for it, don’t limit your reach to this.

Every time you launch a new video, share it on all your social networks. You can partner with influencers and organize promotions through their pages, too. Ask them to share your videos and invite their followers to watch them.

6. Release new content regularly

Why would people subscribe to your channel?

Probably because they found what they were looking for: a video that solved a question, left them a message, and mainly because they want to continue watching more.

But what if they see your profile and realize that you haven’t posted for a year or two? They will think twice about subscribing because they won’t expect to see other cool stuff from you.

It is different if they see a lot of content posted with constant regularity. That will make them want to be aware of your channel, want to know when you are going to share more of that excellent content and so they don’t miss anything they will activate the subscription action.

7. Partner with influencers

Promoting your YouTube content on your social networks will undoubtedly attract visits. But when an influencer promotes it, you will expand your reach.

But this is not limited to continuing to produce your regular content and asking the influencer to share it.

Why don’t you invite him to join us?

You can organize interviews with important people in your niche. You can ask them to comment on your products or services. These people have many followers, so it is definitely a good step for your marketing campaign because through them you reach many people who were not within your reach until now.


With good YouTube videos, you do inform your audience about your brand. You will give them all the details they need before making a purchase. YouTube is a very effective marketing tool; You just need to use it well.

If you follow the tips presented above, you will have a great starting point. But do not relax there, nor think that by following these tips you will already dominate YouTube. The media are constantly changing. And perhaps the video, still in its relative infancy, changes faster than.