Mouth cap and hearing aids: quite a challenge

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 If you wear a hearing aid in combination with a mouth cap and your surroundings also cover your mouth, you may run into the following.

  • The rubber bands on your mouthguard can pull the tubing or wire that connects your hearing aid (for example Phonak) to the earmold or speaker in your ear. In addition to being uncomfortable, with a hearing aid with a speaker, there is a risk of the wire breaking and you will no longer hear any sound.
  • Another common problem – with all its consequences – is that your hearing aid may fall when you remove the mouthguard without noticing it. Now a hearing aid can take a beating, but losing a hearing aid is not the intention.
  • Finally, communicating is a lot more difficult for people with hearing loss. When the mouth is covered, you cannot rely on important visual cues, such as lip reading and facial expression. Also, speech is considerably muffled.

Solutions for hearing aid wearers!

  • Alternative mouth caps: use mouth caps with ribbons instead of elastic bands or Mouth cap and hearing aids. This prevents your hearing aid from getting caught in the rubber bands of your mouth cap. Alternatively, you can think of a fully or partially transparent mouth cap called a Face Protection Shield or a mouth shield with a window. This solves the problem of not being able to lip-read.
  • Tools: buy a so-called mouth mask neckband on. An intermediate piece that connects the rubber bands or ribbons of your mouth cap behind your head. This insert keeps your ears free for your hearing aids. A handy additional advantage is that it also removes pressure and friction from the ears through the rubber bands. Wearing a mouth cap becomes more comfortable. Face masks and hearing aids how to wear tips losing hearing aid corona solution ear saver hooks straps for neck solution

Hearing aids adapt to mouthpiece!

When wearing a mouth guard, important pitches are muffled. Good news: the world of hearing care does not standstill. There is now an adapted mouth mask program available for Signia hearing aids. When wearing a mouth mask, such a mouth mask program compensates – via your hearing aid – for the attenuation and distortion of speech. The special mouth mask program can be operated via your hearing aid app or via the button on your hearing aid.

Would you like to take a look at the hearing aids that allow you to hear voices most easily from behind a mouthpiece? Then take a look at the hearing aids with optimal speech understanding programs.

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