Yes, you read it right. Now you can send tweets with voice from your Twitter profile. Actually, right now you can’t since only a “limited group” with the iOS system have the possibility to test this new functionality. They have probably realized that the 280 characters to write are not enough and it has given us one more possibility to communicate. Although we do not know if it can become a double-edged sword for Twitter users.

This news is told to us on the Twitter Blog. Yes, Twitter has a Blog where they explain their news, the tricks of this social network, and also its rules and conditions of use. “Your Tweet, your voice “, this is the article where they tell us that they are testing “a new functionality that will bring a more human touch to the way we use Twitter.” And it is that, sometimes, the 240 characters that this social network allows us to write are not enough and now, they want it to be a “more personal” platform. With this new functionality (currently being tested) we want to create more real conversations by adding to the gifs, videos, and photos, one more possibility of communication. What do you think?

140 seconds of tweet with voice

From Twitter, they have announced that they are in a testing period with this new functionality that “will bring a more human touch to the way we use Twitter.” The Voice Tweet functionality will allow you to create your voice tweets with a duration of 140 seconds of audio. If you’ve been left with something else to say, don’t worry. You will be able to follow the same thread with more voice messages since, automatically, another voice recording will start once you have used up the 140 seconds.

If we start to calculate quickly… 140 seconds is more than 2 minutes. On a few occasions, a tweet means a lot since it is an instant, fast social network with clear messages. We wonder if this new functionality will lose the original essence of Twitter. What do you think?

How I send my tweets with voice

At the moment, creating and sending tweets with voice is only available to a · limited group of people on Twitter and for iOS ». They have already announced that in the coming weeks, all iOS devices will be able to tweet using their voice. And, in a few months … Twitter will be filled with conversations with sound!

Tweeting with your voice will be no different than before:
Press the button to write a tweet.

The audio waves symbol will appear, at the bottom left.

Start your recording by pressing.

To end your tweet with voice, press the “Done” button.

Launch your tweet and join the new Twitter experience.

Skeptical but not much

We will closely follow this news and see how it evolves on Twitter. Many of us were probably skeptical at the time when the change from 140 to 280 characters was made and in the end, we have thanked you. You have to wait and see how Twitter users make voice tweets, their way of communicating. It may be the end of the bot accounts since they humanize profiles that have never been faced with them … Twitter can also become a bar counter. Hears! That we love a bar and all its conversations fixing the world but Twitter cannot become that. We cannot forget that this social network was created as a fast and instantaneous communication channel, with short and precise messages to inform. We hope the essence is never lost.