If you want to take advantage of your company’s social networks, you have probably considered making ads on Facebook Ads, a platform that allows you to make ads on Facebook, the most used social network in Spain, but also on Instagram. To make your ads work and reach the widest possible audience, follow these tips.

Tricks for your ads to succeed on Facebook

1. Make relevant ads. Don’t try to reach all your customer profiles with the same ad: create different ads with different segmentations to highlight the ideal product/service or offer for each customer profile.

2. Ads with calls to action. Create call-to-action ads that make it clear to the user what they will achieve after clicking. To incentivize the click, play urgency with calls to action like ‘Book now’ or ‘Buy today and get a 15% discount’.

3. Be clear about the value proposition. Make clear the benefits of your product/service or what differentiates it from the competition. Some value propositions can be speed, quality, price, a comprehensive service, more than a decade of experience…

4. Use high-resolution images. Remember that, while the user is browsing their ‘feed’ of publications, you will only have a few moments (usually, little more than a second) before they continue to slide the screen and lose your ad. Therefore, it is essential to capture attention with an attractive and quality image: blurry, dark, or confusing images can make Internet users not even bother to read the text of the ad.

Include images in your ads that are easily understood by the naked eye or with contrasting colors. Remember that you can test multiple images for the same ad and perform an A / B test to see which one works best.

5. Use images with little text. Facebook estimates that images with less than 20% of text perform best. If they exceed this percentage, you may consider that the ads are of low quality (and, therefore, they would be penalized with a lower reach). Before publishing your ad with image, check in this tool that the image does not contain too much text. Also, remember that text logos, numbers or watermarks are also considered text. If you need to include more information, do it better in the body of the message (although this cannot exceed 125 characters).

It should be noted that Facebook makes some exceptions to the limitations of text on images when it comes to product photos, book covers, records, or posters, as it considers that using images with text is unavoidable.

6. Ads adapted to mobile devices. Keep in mind that most users will see the ad from their mobile, which is usually held vertically. For this reason, if the ads are to be shown on these devices (recommended) it is better to resort to square or vertical formats (the latter occupies more space on the screen, impacting more).

More effective ad formats

Video ads. Facebook recommends that the videos be a maximum of 15 seconds long because this way users are more likely to watch them until the end. It is also desirable that the first images of the video are the most attractive, to immediately capture attention. Another recommendation from the social network for ads of this type to have a greater impact is to use text, graphics, or subtitles whenever possible since many users watch the videos without sound in public places.

Single image or carousel ads. These ads are the most versatile and, at the same time, the ones that work best on Facebook, either with one image or with several (carousel). Carousel ads are very useful for e-commerce, as they allow each of the images to link to a different product. However, you can also create a carousel by splitting a single image to create an original ad that redirects to the same URL.

Local broadcast announcements. They are very relevant ads for businesses with a hyperlocal vocation since they are shown only to people who are in a certain radius around the business.

Event announcements. They are ideal for promoting events that will take place on a specific date (private sales, openings, celebrations …). This type of announcement has the advantage that if users mark ‘I am interested’ or ‘I will attend’ the social network will notify users if something new is published in the event and will send them a reminder on the appointed day.