Content marketing, also known as content marketing, is a marketing technique that consists of creating, publishing, and sharing the content of interest to the potential audience of your business. To do this, it is essential to fully know the audience you are addressing in order to adapt the information to their interests and thus awaken their interest in a specific product or service.

If your website is an e-commerce or online store, it will be highly recommended to create a blog where you can share interesting and original information about the product or service you want to publicize. In this way, the potential client will be able to find your website by searching for information about a specific topic. You will also have to create different content related to your product and service to respond to any need or question from your client.

But in addition to having a blog, it will also be essential that you can share your content on social networks. In this way, on the one hand, you will give greater visibility to your articles and on the other hand, you will attract more followers if your users interact with the publication.

How to do good content marketing

You may have already heard of this term on several occasions. As its name suggests, content marketing is primarily aimed at attracting potential customers by writing a content of interest to them. However, if this content is not of interest and of value to your customers, your content marketing strategy will be useless.

A good content marketing strategy will be the one that manages to convince your reader to take a specific action. Writing without a clear objective will not pay off. Therefore, before starting to write on your business blog, it is essential that you define a content strategy.

What a web writer needs to know

This content writing is for advertising purposes. The tricky thing is to deliver the sales message without appearing to be sales. A good web writer has to take into account several aspects to achieve optimal results:

Good writing skills are essential to give credibility and a good brand image;

Knowledge of the subject to be discussed to offer content of interest to your audience;

Know the SEO or web positioning techniques to use the necessary keywords or keywords. In this way, we will get the post to appear in the first Google searches.

Create an attractive and informative headline that contains the keyword and catches the user’s attention;

Perform link building strategies to get other pages to link to yours and thus increase the Domain Authority and, therefore, the web positioning in Google searches;

Adapt the information to the most appropriate format. That is, a blog not only has to have written content but images, graphics, and videos are also a very useful tool to attract potential clients.

Importance of video in content marketing

Audiovisual content now accounts for 80% of the content that users consume on the Internet and 9 out of 10 users watch the videos of the brands they follow. For this reason, the use of video is increasingly becoming an essential communication tool for brands.

Tips for doing video marketing

The creativity and innovation have become an essential ingredient of a product or service if it wants to draw attention to the new audience. The video marketing allows us to explain the message with more resources and in a much more creative and emotional way. This factor is very positive since it is proven that the videos that work best on the Internet are those that have emotional or humorous content.

The incorporation of videos to your blog will help increase traffic on your website. But if your intention is to replace the text with audiovisual material, the video has to visually explain the same as you would explain by writing content. They are most effective at telling stories, but you must not forget what their main purpose is.

Another factor to consider is the length of the video. The goal is for the prospect to consume the entire video, so an advertising video longer than 2-3 minutes will not work well. If your goal is to sell, try to be as brief as possible.

The videos also have a greater reach on social networks. In this way, if you share a post on social networks that contains a video, it will be easier for it to reach a large number of people.

It is important that you keep these tips in mind when creating a video for your content marketing, however, the most important thing for both the blog and social networks is that you know your audience perfectly in order to give them exactly what want.