Few music and podcast lovers continue to turn to classic wired headphones that get tangled up and hinder mobility. Listening to audios or talking on the phone without disturbing anyone, hardly hearing ambient noise and while walking or doing sports, is possible thanks to wireless or wireless headphones.

Not everything comes down to the famous Air pods. The reality is that in the market we find a multitude of models of wireless Bluetooth headphones that behave really well, offering a more than acceptable sound quality and achieving a complete listening experience.

6 Best price-quality wireless headphones of 2021

This type of mouse is ideal for a correct position of the wrist and, consequently, to prevent bad positions and ailments such as tendinitis. Its base is a very wide one which provides stability and the size is valid for many types of hands.

How to choose a wireless bluetooth headset?

  • Sound quality: together with the quality of the conversations, it is one of the most important points to check and analyze before deciding on one model or another.
  • Noise cancellation: it is one of the key aspects since thanks to this technology we will be able to perceive the audio without any type of external distraction.
  • Autonomy: depending on the model in question, the battery will last more or less and will charge in a different way, as well as may include indicators that warn of a lack of power.
  • Charging case: wireless headphones usually come in a convenient case to store them and, in turn, keep them fully charged.
  • Control: by voice, by touch or manual buttons … there are many possibilities.
  • Design: the materials of manufacture, resistance, the comfort of use, and adaptability, culminate this list of technical aspects to be analyzed.

Best value for money wireless headphones 2021

1. Apple Airpods
Little presentation requires Apple’s Airpods wireless earbuds. With automatic connection, they offer high-quality sound with a delicate and sophisticated design without cables. They have a range of up to 5 hours on a single charge.

This particular model does not offer noise cancellation, but in return, we do find other functionalities available such as smartphone voice control with Hey Siri always active. Of course, this alternative of wireless headphones is more interesting if we have another device of the brand, but they work equally well with Android systems.

2. RHA True Connect 2
The second version of these helmets is a true marvel. Even better than the original, they stand out for their battery, being helmets with an autonomy of up to 44 hours. It is a high-quality wireless headset, with IP55 resistance, although like the previous ones they do not have noise cancellation and that is the pending issue. It is a matter of evaluating whether it is worth spending the $64.95 that they are worth taking into account its functionalities.

3. Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II
We want to include headband-type wireless headphones in the ranking. Bose, the well-known brand specialized in sound, has this Quiet Comfort 35 II model that is positioned as one of the most comfortable.

At last, we can present some headphones with noise cancellation, in addition to offering the possibility of controlling its operation with Google’s virtual assistant (very useful for Android system users).

Together with these details for indisputable sound quality, is added the great comfort provided by the headphones with their headband with soft sponges. They are available in 4 different colors: black, silver, pink and navy blue.

4. Huawei TWS CM-H1C
One of the best-selling models to date is the Huawei TWS CM-H1C headphones. Perhaps it is due to its similarity in design with the Airpods, but the truth is that it is a Bluetooth 4.1 headset with an equalizer that has the much-loved active noise cancellation technology.

They are controlled by taps with touch buttons and by voice assistants. On the other hand, they are water-resistant and include 3 models of pads in different sizes for a perfect adaptation to each ear. And autonomy? For three hours can reach up to 10 with the charging case.

True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds

5. Jabra Elite 65t
Jabra in-ear headphones are the most complete in the Elite range. Some of the most interesting features they have are the autonomy of up to 15 hours if they are inserted in the charging case, A2DP profile for music, and call control or Bluetooth 5.0.

If we talk about the fact that they are very complete headphones, the noise cancellation could not be overlooked, as well as the IP55 certification, compatibility with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, and incredible lightness and comfort. They are an ideal alternative if we have a medium-high budget (they cost $68.99).

6. Tribit QuietPlus 72
We finish this ranking of the 6 best wireless headphones to buy in 2021 with another model of headband headphones. In this case, the Tribit QuietPlus 72. It is a quality brand that does not disappoint and offers very interesting products at a fairly affordable price.

In this model of wireless headphones, we can find everything we expect from a headset of this type. They are really comfortable avoiding ear pain when wearing them, the audio they emit is clear and nuanced, highlighted bass, and have acceptable noise cancellation.

Tribit XFree Go Bluetooth Headphones