Would you like to have a coffee-like in the best bars and restaurants? Nowadays it is becoming more and more affordable to get a semi-automatic or super-automatic coffee makers machine, which are increasingly simple to use and are capable of preparing an espresso with the same quality as in your favorite bar.

Now when you get up in the morning, you will only need little coffee beans or ground, place it in the coffee machine you have purchased, and enjoy the cups of coffee that you like the most thanks to having the best DeLonghi coffee machines, which provide a exceptional quality.

What are the best DeLonghi coffee makers?

There is a wide variety of different designs and models offered by the DeLonghi brand, which has been bringing and improving our lives in the kitchen every day for almost 120 years, in addition to the technology and advances of all its home appliances.

To find a good coffee maker, you have to look at several aspects and also ask ourselves some concepts, such as, what coffee are we going to prepare more? Do we need a milk frother, to make a frothy cream? We will answer all this a little later so that you can choose the best option.

1. DeLonghi Dedica EC 685 M coffee machine

coffee maker

To start the list we find this dual-use coffee maker, which means that it can be used both with ground coffee, as well as with single-dose capsules, also giving the possibility of being able to prepare two cups of coffee, tea, or infusions at the same time.

It has a compact and narrow design since it only occupies 15 cm wide, the model has a shiny metal exterior appearance which will be perfect in any kitchen or cellar.

It has a technology called “Thermoblock”, which allows you to heat the water in just 35 seconds to the perfect temperature to prepare an espresso, it has a frother to have hot milk and create cappuccino, macchiato, or coffee lattes.

Thanks to the intuitive control panel with only 3 buttons, they allow you to change the temperature, the amount of coffee and it has an automatic standby function with which you will save energy.

2. DeLonghi Magnifica S ECAM 22 110 B coffee machine

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Next, we come across a super-automatic DeLonghi coffee maker which has a grinder built into it, this can be adjusted to change the flavor of the coffee and the amount of nut-colored foam that is created on top of the coffee.

It has a cappuccino system to get a frothy cream, it also has 13 adjustable programs to enjoy and savor a wide variety of types of coffee. Its panel has a rotating wheel that will allow you to adjust the intensity of the aroma.

It is possible to use bean and ground coffee, in addition to having DeLonghi’s tubeless system that reduces the amount of coffee powder that usually remains in other types of grinder and thus you will only use freshly ground coffee for the preparation of all your coffees.

3. DeLonghi ECAM 23 420 SB coffee maker

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Another of the super-automatic coffee machines capable of making a great variety of coffees, in this case it has an LED screen with double text lines and with simple and efficient digital controls, with which you can prepare any type of coffee with the push of a button.

This coffee maker with a grinder has a large removable water tank from the front, with a capacity of up to 1.8 liters, which makes it much easier and more comfortable to fill when you are in front, it also has an indicator that active when water is low.

If you love cappuccinos, you will love this DeLonghi even more, since it has an “automatic cappuccino” system patented by this brand, with which you will only have to place a cup and press the Cappuccino button as a result you will obtain the most optimal and perfect.


It is made mostly of stainless steel, it has several functions and modes, such as standby mode, very simple coffee customization, choose between a short, medium, or long coffee, with a strong or mild aroma, and even if you want a high temperature or low. It also has a removable drip tray.

4. DeLonghi ECP 33.2 coffee maker

We found a coffee machine with the possibility of using ground coffee or “easy serving espresso” single-dose capsules, it includes a manual filter with 3 forms, one-cup, two-cup, and the special one for capsules.

Thanks to its adjustable cappuccino system, it will allow you to create two levels of milk foam, one to obtain a creamy result or to have hot milk. In the same way, its nozzle can be rotated 360º to make the process much easier.

This coffee maker stands out for its Thermoblock technology, which heats the water in a short time since in just 35 seconds you will have the exact temperature for any hot drink.

Of all the models on the list, it is one of those with a larger capacity removable tank, with up to 1.1 liters, facilitating cleaning by being able to disassemble it at any time.

Its drip tray, also removable, allows you to use cups and glasses up to 12 cm high and its automatic electronic system turns the coffee machine off after 9 minutes from its last use.

5. DeLonghi Authentic Coffee Maker ETAM 29 510 B

coffee maker

If what you are looking for is a super-automatic coffee machine of the best quality that gives you professional results, this DeLonghi model could meet expectations as it is a machine specially designed for espressos and cappuccinos in a short time. It is a coffee machine that grinds coffee and allows you to use it both in beans and ground, with a container that incorporates a practical grinder and a capacity of up to 400 grams, being one of the largest in the comparison.

Its control panel stands out because it is very intuitive, having fully tactile controls with backlit icons so that its use is very clear and simple.

Like other models on the list, it incorporates Thermoblock technology, which keeps the water at the exact temperature so that all preparations have an optimal result.

Its drip tray is also removable for easier cleaning and allows you to use cups and glasses up to 12 cm high.

6. DeLonghi Dolce Gusto Jovia EDG250 B coffee machine

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With a truly original design that will become the star of your kitchen, this Delonghi coffee maker will allow you to enjoy a dense layer of cream in your espresso coffee, thanks to its high pressure of up to 15 bars, in addition to being able to drink a delicious latte. Macchiato, an exquisite cappuccino, indulge yourself with a chocolate or take care of your line with its wide range of teas, all with the same machine, being one of the most versatile on the market.

It is a capsule coffee maker capable of preparing all kinds of drinks since it has a multi-temperature control that will allow you to prepare both hot and cold drinks.

6. DeLonghi Dolce Gusto Jovia EDG250 B coffee machine

coffee Makers

coffee Makers

Its manufacture is made of stainless steel, making it a very resistant coffee makers, it also has a Thermoblock system, which will be very useful on those mornings when you do not have too much time since it allows you to heat very quickly to have a coffee in seconds.

7. DeLonghi Dolce Gusto Piccolo XS EDG 210 R coffee maker

coffee Makers

coffee Makers

With a compact size that fits into any kitchen, this DeLonghi coffee maker is ideal for coffee lovers who want to try different recipes, allowing you to use a wide range of capsules with a lot of flavors and enjoy them with the push of a button. One of the most remarkable characteristics of this capsule model is its speed since in just 1 minute you can have your drink ready, be it a coffee, a tea, or a delicious hot chocolate. In the same way, it is a perfect machine for those looking for a clean, silent, and efficient model, take into account that it vibrates a little when it works, but it is something totally normal, so you will not have to worry about it. It has a large removable 0.8-liter water tank to wash it easily, in addition, its security system prevents any drops from falling on your countertop. Its drop collector is adjustable, with a stainless steel lid that adapts to any type of cup or glass.

Why choose a De’Longhi automatic coffee machine

coffee maker

coffee maker machine

As you know, enjoying a coffee that seems to be prepared by a professional barista when you are not and without leaving home is totally possible, if you have a good coffee maker that does all the work for you.

Currently, the market is full of quality options that have all the functions to cream milk, froth, and even grind whole coffee beans, all in one machine, where De’Longhi is one of the brands that have the most variety, offering a range of models that combine beautiful designs and great durability.

In addition to a cup of delicious black coffee, De’Longhi machines offer a long list of options so you can prepare cappuccinos, mokas, espressos, and a classic latte for your mornings.

But the reasons why having a coffee maker of this brand will be a great idea do not end here, if you have not decided yet, take a look at the benefits and advantages that you can find when having a De’Longhi machine.

Super fast preparation

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One of the things that stand out the most about De’Longhi coffee makers is their speed, as they are equipped with large capacity motors, they can heat up much faster, making you have your coffee in a matter of minutes.

Nobody wants to spend a lot of time in the morning making just one cup of coffee, which is why these super-automatic machines can take just 40 seconds to produce two delicious espressos or a creamy cappuccino, all by just following a series of simple steps and without any fuss. Effort.

Just by pressing a few buttons and loading your coffee machine with coffee, milk, or capsules, depending on the model, you will have professional results in your own home.

Advanced technology

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We know that De’Longhi coffee machines are super-fast and very efficient, but there is a reason for this, and that is that they are equipped with the most modern and advanced technology, so making a cup of coffee is really a matter of minutes.

The machines of this brand have specialized systems that foam the milk perfectly, giving it that soft texture and that fragrance that cannot be missing in your cup, in addition, they have large capacity containers and the function of preparing long coffees with the press of a button to people who enjoy traditional flavors.

One of the great benefits of having a coffee makers with advanced technology is that they will give you versatility, being able to have a lot of recipes that will adjust to the tastes of the whole family, this with just pressing the appropriate controls.

Variety in different types of coffee

coffee Maker

coffee Maker

Speaking of versatility and variety, are characterized by De’Longhi coffee machines to let your creativity when preparing your coffee, as you can choose models that work with whole grains, ground coffee, with a filter of paper for coffee, with capsules, and the whole range of options you can imagine.

Now, for your coffee makers to last and work well for much longer, you should always use unaltered and clean coffee, as well as filtered water to avoid the accumulation of lime or other sediments, especially if you live in a place where there is hard water.

Striking and very pretty designs

We are not really exaggerating when we say that DeLonghi is characterized by having appliance models that attract attention for their beautiful designs. So, if you are a fan of equipment that, in addition to working well, looks incredible, this brand’s coffee makers may be your ideal option.

DeLonghi offers quite diverse models, but in general, they follow a classic style accompanied by modern touches that will give your kitchen an incredible look.

Safe and best quality materials

With a coffee maker of this brand, you will not have to worry about materials that are toxic or harmful to your health, since all the machines are made 100% of the best quality, durable and food-grade materials.

The materials of these coffee makers, in addition to being very safe, make cleaning much easier and more convenient, where stainless steel, metal, and premium plastic stand out.

Frequent questions

☕ What does the scent button do on De’Longhi machines?

If you have or want to buy a De’Longhi machine, you have surely come across the aroma button, this is a system designed to achieve a unique brew, which increases the flavor and aroma of your coffee. To achieve a more flavorful and full-bodied result, the coffee maker performs different continuous cycles where the water is released into the filter basket in 30-second intervals, thus obtaining a better coffee.

☕ Where are De’Longhi coffee makers made?

De’Longhi is an Italian brand with a lot of history since its origins date back to 1902, where they used to make spare parts. Starting in 1950, the company evolved and began to develop different household appliances. Currently, it has its headquarters in Treviso, Veneto, in the northeast of the Italian peninsula.

☕ Can I use vinegar to descale my DeLonghi coffee maker?

Yes, in fact, you can combine a tablespoon of white distilled vinegar with 5 cups of water and the recommended amount of descaling powder to thoroughly clean your coffeemaker and keep it running at its best.