The gadgets are electronic devices that seek to solve a problem creatively. It is a constantly growing market, where novelty and practicality play a key role for success.

Although gadgets are conceived as an entertainment and leisure technology for most users, their use in the day-to-day running of a company can boost efficiency. In part, the philosophy of gadgets is to simplify daily processes, as well as to enhance opportunities that would be impossible without this technology. Thus, they can be a first step towards the digital transformation of a company, which nevertheless must be linked to changes at the organizational level.

On the other hand, innovating in the development of type of products is an option for the future for SMEs and technology start-ups, since it is a market that does not stop growing.

Wireless headphones

Innovative technologies like noise cancellation greatly enhance the user experience. In addition, the headphones have increasingly greater connectivity, being common to dispense with cables and less and less weight, all without compromising sound quality. Gadgets of this type and the products related to them (for example, devices that prevent their loss or locate them) are an important field for technology companies to explore.

Security cameras

The application of the latest technologies is moving the security industry forward. The most advanced models of cameras are already accessible to the average user and include motion detectors and cloud storage so that their operation is more efficient.

Lighter and more powerful laptops

Despite the proliferation of other smaller gadgets, laptops are still relevant in the professional world. Innovation in this area has come from improvements in the user experience, with examples such as folding screens and Full HD, in addition to smaller sizes and lighter weights.

Devices for contactless payments

The contactless collections provide faster, provide better customer service, and enhance their loyalty.

Although these payments can be made through debit or credit cards, smartphones, tablets, watches, activity bracelets, key rings or even stickers are also proliferating to facilitate this process. These gadgets in turn advance to integrate other useful functions, such as making calls or monitoring exercise.

Article finders

One of the trends in gadgets that are succeeding in the market is the trackers with Bluetooth connection. These devices can be placed on various objects such as umbrellas, keys, tablets, backpacks, or toys, which can be geolocated from a base or from a smartphone. A signal can also be sent for the locating devices to emit noise and thus easily find any item when it is inside the office or home.

Smart speakers

language or voice recognition, they are able to manage verbal commands. Many technological teams incorporate voice assistants (the case of Siri on iPhone or Cortana on Windows), but smart speakers (smart speakers) go a step further since they work autonomously.

These gadgets allow greater efficiency and simplicity in some processes:

Search for information through voice.

Reminders of the agenda, calendar, or timers.

Listen to music, functioning as a common speaker.

Connection with other appliances and the ability to control them by voice. As an example, there are thermostats controllable through smart speakers.

Since their appearance, these devices have shown unstoppable growth: they are projected to grow to a market value of up to $ 35.5 billion by 2025, according to numbers published by Statista. Its increasing standardization has already made voice searches change the web positioning game.

External batteries for mobiles
With the number of smartphone users on the rise (according to Statista, more than 3 billion people use them today), external mobile batteries are one of the most popular gadgets.

These accessories allow you to charge your mobile (and sometimes other devices such as tablets or laptops) without having to access an electrical current. The most popular ones have smaller and smaller sizes and faster loading.