The best motorcycle accessories for rainy and cold days

best motorcycle accessories
If you move daily with the motorcycle and want to always be protected, do not miss these perfect motorcycle accessories for rainy and cold days.

Do you usually use the motorcycle every day to move around the city? Then do not miss the best motorcycle accessories that we recommend below, with which you will be protected and dry even during rainy and cold days.

The motorcycle is one of the most used means of transport in large cities since its manageability helps us avoid traffic jams and, at the same time, allows us to park more easily. However, when the fall and winter season arrives, riding the motorcycle can be dangerous, and even uncomfortable, due to the rain and cold. For this reason, we recommend several motorcycle accessories with which you can protect yourself against humidity and cold. Find the product you need here and drive more safely.

Favoto brand motorcycle cover

The first accessory that we recommend is this cover for the motorcycle made of high-quality polyester fabric. It will protect your motorcycle against rain, dust, and even the sun’s rays. This accessory is perfect to prevent your motorcycle from suffering any damage when you are not using it. In addition, the cover has a safety eyelet at the front, which allows the cover to lock onto the bike through the front wheel and prevent it from blowing off in the wind.
motorcycle cover

Handlebar mitts

It is vitally important not to have very cold hands in order to drive more efficiently. These motorcycle gloves are made with wool and cotton, soft and comfortable, which also wick away moisture. They are waterproof, wind-resistant, and feature materials that will prevent the skin from drying out and, at the same time, help balance body temperature. They fit perfectly on most motorcycles and scooters with 22cm handlebars.
Handlebar mitts

Leg covers

The legs are another part of our body that we have to protect to ensure a comfortable and safe ride. This accessory is very easy and quick to put on, thanks to its shoulder strap and the adjustable neoprene straps on the back. It also has side vents for greater freedom of movement. On the other hand, it has a fixing system under the seat for when you have to park the motorcycle.
Leg covers

Waterproof shoe covers

Keep your feet dry throughout the ride with these reusable black high shoe protectors that are available in 4 sizes and 3 colors. The grippy fit protects shoes from water, mud, and snow. In addition, they are very easy to clean, fold, and store in the package. They also have reflective details on the sides and on the heel, ensuring maximum visibility even on the darkest days. On the other hand, the thickened non-slip sole stands out especially to guarantee greater safety in the heel and reinforced toes.
Waterproof shoe covers

Support cover for motorcycle and bicycle

Today, mobile phone GPS is often used while driving to reach an unknown destination. To use it while driving a motorcycle or bicycle, it is advisable to have a support cover like the one we present below. This accessory is waterproof and uses two contact points that will allow you to attach it to the handlebar. The bag is ideal to protect your mobile phone from bad weather, as it is designed with a resistant and durable material.Support cover


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