In these days of forced increase in teleworking, the option of standing desks converters takes on a special role.

Their adaptability and consequent comfort make them very suitable for intensive days in front of the computer and to maintain the most correct body posture before it.

Among those analyzed here, we have chosen first an AmazonBasics model for its manageable size, versatility, reasonable price, and ease of adapting to the most comfortable position.

What is it?

They are also known by the name of stations and are defined as a device that allows users to move from one position to another in a very agile way and thus work sitting or standing (sometimes only this option is possible) depending on the better posture.

Who are they most useful for?

As we have already outlined, its usefulness grows proportionally to the time you are in front of a computer. The more hours, the more practical.

The list of professional activities is long. Suffice it to point out a few such as IT specialists, illustrators, office workers or freelancers.

What do you need?

Despite the obvious, it depends on the space you have at home and, without leaving quantitative measures, also on the height of each one.

With these requirements as coordinates, the generic advice, but very much to take into account, is the need to measure before deciding on one.

Where are they placed?

Usually, the smallest ones, known as elevators, are placed on a table or plank on which to work and usually arrive, or that would be their correct measurement, at chest height to use all the accessories more comfortably.

However, others are designed primarily to work standing up and are reduced to a metal frame on which to put the plank and that can be adjusted in height even electronically in the most advanced models.

What types are there

Elevators: As we have already mentioned, they are a smaller version that is placed on a table and surface and can be raised to the necessary height to work standing desks up. There are a wide variety of designs and they are usually cheaper than fixed ones.

Adjustable standing:

It can be said that it is the standing desk by definition since it consists of a good size table with adjustable legs to the most suitable height. They also come in a wide range of shapes and designs.


As it can be deduced, a desk of closed dimensions and heights that, due to its rigidity, will be useful if the user’s height is adjusted.


Those with the highest price, but those with more positions. Specifically, up to three: reclined, lying down, or standing.

Factors to take into account

One of them, very important, has already been mentioned in the introduction as it is to calibrate before which site is available in the house and which is the one that best suits the height of the person who is going to use it. We point out some more:


The importance of the standing desks measurements is also extrapolated to the work surface that we need (or the one that we can put depending on the space). For this, it is convenient to make an inventory of the work tools: if one or two monitors, if we have a printer or not, a telephone on the table … etc.


More than the material, although closely linked to it, the resistance it has. In this section, wood usually stands out, also in price. In any case, there are already many industrial materials capable of supporting significant weights at lower prices.

Easy to adjust:

Specifically, it is easy to go up and down if it is adjustable and that the position chosen is perfectly locked.


Check before the purchase its maximum and minimum in height to get an idea of ​​whether it will respond to our needs.


As much as possible, it has to combine stability with lightness to be able to move it without difficulty.

Space for cables:

If the desk has a specific space to channel all the cables that are needed to work much better since it will avoid tangles or trips.

AmazonBasics: Stable and Versatile

Handy, stable, versatile, and very adaptable to the position that is most comfortable for each one to be in front of the computer.

Among the types of converters that we have mentioned is in the category of elevators.

In other words, to work standing up, it is enough to leave it on a table and raise it up to chest height, which is the most advisable (the adjustable height fork ranges between 12 cm. And half a meter).

Very simple to use through a system of levers that raises and lowers it. For domestic use in conventional tasks, it is very suitable.

Not so much when a display of monitors is required since the weight (maximum 15 kg.) And the work surface (88 x 47 cm.) Do not give much. In any case, for its price, and in its range, it is highly recommended.

Translated into objects, let’s say it is prepared for a large screen tabletop computer, of course, a laptop, keyboard (the tray comes underneath), and some other component.

As specific aspects of interest, it comes already assembled, and once folded it can be stored anywhere.


FLEXISPOT E5W: Foolproof Consistency

We have already alluded to this kind of standing desks. In this case, only the support since the panel is separate (recommended in size of two meters in length).

A more professional alternative, with a consistency that is more than contrasted and with the great advantage (which is obviously in the price) that the legs are raised or lowered electronically. As simple as pressing a button with a fork that ranges from 62 cm to 1.25 meters.

Not only have the legs since it can also be expanded in width thanks to its telescopic crossbars that make it gone from 1.10 to 1.80 meters.

To get an idea of ​​the robustness of the product, it is enough to point out that it can support up to 125 kg.


DlandHome: Light and handy

Just by looking at its design, it is intuited that one of the main qualities of this standing desks is its lightness and manageability. Added to this is its economical price and a modern and beautiful design with a metal structure that is more attractive in white.

It is not intended for large terminals or double screens, but for use in studios or in jobs that require the most common computer instruments, it meets satisfaction.

It is very easy to assemble and takes up little space. In short, a low-end model for price, but that can be a good domestic alternative.

In this way, and since it is so easy to move, it can be used as a height-adjustable TV table to watch series or videos while doing chores around the house.

dlandhome sit-stand desk

Putorsen 37”: Two monitors without problem

Another level above the previous one, also in price. A new elevator alternative with a large surface area and perfectly prepared for large monitors or two smaller ones joined through an arm (it has a hole to insert a hydraulic arm).

Very comfortable to regulate in its many heights and great stability to work without worries.

To get an idea of ​​the surface, a laptop, a tablet with a keyboard, a mat and a notebook would easily enter.

Putorsen 37

Tatkraft Salute: Minimalist version for laptop

A minimalist version of a more specific laptop-oriented model standing desks . As is evident, it is handled without any problem to move it from one place to another. You approach it with a couple of fingers of your hand to any chair.

Its adjustable support allows you to manually and easily raise the height (its fork ranges from 52 to 84 cm.).

The locking mechanism of the legs makes it reliable once fixed in the chosen place. It is made of steel and assembly, of course, is very simple.

Tatkraft Salute