The key device to improve your posture

If you spend many hours in front of the computer, do not hesitate to get monitor support with which you will improve your posture and be more comfortable.

Today the situation that concerns us due to the coronavirus has caused teleworking to have been implemented much more than usual, as well as online classes or even meetings and other situations that are now carried out through a smart device, although types of office work are also maintained in some cases.

The computer, whether desktop or laptop, is usually the device with which we best carry out this type of activity since it is more comprehensive and complete than, for example, a tablet. The screenplays a great function on these occasions, since it often fulfills the function of being ‘our eyes’ and it is through which we can see how we work, look at results, our own or other information, etc.

Other important elements for working or studying are also, in the case of a non-portable computer, the tower, the keyboard, the mouse, a webcam, headphones, microphone … But today we want to focus on the screen and, within it, highlight the importance of the placement of this for our well-being.

But today we want to focus on the screen and, within it, highlight the importance of the placement of this for our well-being.

On other occasions, we have told you that a correct posture is a key to working comfortably and not causing damage or discomfort that in the long run can be very annoying, as in the article on the use of a footrest.

To continue in this line, this time we suggest the use of the screen mounts. Surely you have ever seen a colleague or friend who uses a few packs of folios or a box to upload their screen, or you have even done it yourself. It is evident that this is not a very suitable way to place a technological device, since it can be unstable or safe. And why does this situation occur?

improve your posture

In most cases this happens because the screen we have is at a point too low for our head, causing us to have to lower it and bending the neck, a fact that over time ends up causing neck pain and pain. Even cervical, back, or shoulders so you can improve your posture.

Although how we sit also greatly influences these ailments, the situation of the screen is key when it comes to generating good posture. Ideally, the screen with which we work is located at the level of our eyes, to be able to keep the head upright, without forcing it and having a straight back. For this reason, display stands are an ideal object to lift them off the table just enough and serve as a firm and secure support surface.

In addition, depending on the design of the support, it can help you better organize your workspace since they give space and under them, you can place some small objects.


If you find yourself in any of the situations described and you have problems with your posture due to bad placement of your screen, do not think about it and get good screen support like the one we recommend below, you will surely notice the difference

improve your posture