The keys to e-commerce success

Nobody is aware that in recent years the Internet has transformed the way of buying and selling as we knew it until now. So much so that today e-commerce grows at 10% every quarter, something that not all businesses can boast about. However, the work is not finished when we set up the online store. Do you think that’s when you’re going to start selling like crazy? Not much less. Although the virtual world has opened great possibilities even for SMEs, there are factors that can mean the difference between success and failure.

The most important key is knowing how to add value in an increasingly saturated market. If a few years ago, being the first to set up an online store related to an under-exploited sector could be synonymous with success, today this path is no longer so safe, but we must strive to know how to make a difference with respect to our competitors to reach the consumer and get him to want to make his purchase in our store.

Choose the right niche

It is true that e-commerce can provide great benefits even for small businesses. And it is that no other medium to date has allowed us to reach such a wide audience with a minimum investment in relation to the results that can be obtained. Not forgetting that thanks to the new technologies and tools that we have in the market, it is possible to segment our target audience by sex, age, geographic location, interests, etc.

However, you must not forget that the Internet is a very competitive world where at first we are nothing more than little fish facing gigantic sharks that have been covering the demand of the population for years. That is why knowing how to choose the right niche and having an audience that has a real need for what we want to offer can be the difference between success and failure. Do a market study and analyze your competitors before embarking on the adventure and think about how you can add value to your product.

Offer variety in our product

As we have already said, the Internet is a very competitive universe, since consumers can compare different products both in quality and price in a few minutes. That is why we must try to offer a varied product catalog where potential customers can choose. Otherwise, they may be tempted to visit other stores. In addition, this will help you improve the image of the company since it gives the feeling of being a specialist in the sector and of being able to offer the best.

Customer Service

But all this effort can end up on paper if proper customer service is not provided. The user who enters your website must be the center of your marketing strategy if you want to be successful in the world of electronic commerce. And it is that customers associate the treatment of the company with the image of the brand and if they do not receive good attention, it is most likely that they will not return.

Know the customer

currently, there are a multitude of measurement tools that can help you assess the impact of your digital strategies and know-how users behave within the online store. In this way, we can improve what is not working and enhance what is bringing us benefits. Strategies that seek to anticipate customer needs usually give very good results. We are talking, for example, of the article recommendation system related to what it has already bought or looked at.

Expedite shipping

Thanks to the Internet, the geographical location of the company has ceased to matter as much as before, so a company can be in a large capital or in a small town of 300 inhabitants without this influencing its success. Of course, the communications network is a key factor, since delivery times are increasingly valued by consumers. So much so that many companies deliver the order in less than 24 hours.

Be in constant innovation

Don’t let routine end up taking over the company and always seek to innovate. Customers appreciate that a company can offer them the latest news in the sector and if you do it among the first, you will have advantages over the competition, which will end up differentiating you from the rest.

Implement Social Media strategies

Of course, remember that social networks will become your best weapon when it comes to publicizing your brand and spreading your content. Publish images, videos, and texts that attract their attention and you will also ensure that they are shared and seen by more users, thus increasing the traffic of your online store. Your profile can function as a speaker for the advantages of your products and is the way to have direct contact with customers when they encounter a problem, which helps to improve the reputation of the brand.

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