If you like to do a variety of physical activities and try different methods, surely you dare to train with a medicine ball and try all its benefits.

More and more people are exercising to take care of themselves inside and out, either daily or from time to time. If you are one of those who dedicate a lot of time and gives importance to doing a varied training so as not to fall into the routine, surely you like to try different techniques and sports, either by helping yourself with special objects for it or simply by performing the indicated movements using just your body.

Broadly speaking, the most common ways of doing sports are based on aerobic and anaerobic exercises, which are differentiated by the type of exercises that are performed, some more dynamic and resistance such as cycling, running or dancing and the latter something more static and explosives such as lifting weights or jumping rope.

The ideal is to combine both sports methods in your training days, seeking balance and compensation. This will also depend on the goal you seek for your health and your body since there are exercises more intended to lose volume than others to gain definition, etc., but we will not delve further into this topic.


What we want to talk about today has more to do with anaerobic, strength, and explosive exercises, which help the development of muscles, gain strength and firmness. It is about the use of the medicine ball. This object is an alternative or complement to other techniques such as weights, push-ups, planks, squats…

Although surely you have ever heard of it, we must highlight some characteristics of the medicine ball. The first thing is to clarify that there are several types, of different and varied weights, larger or smaller, those that resemble an ordinary ball, those that have handles, straps, or that are made of different materials, seeking to bounce more or less, etc.

The most important thing when it comes to getting one of them is that you are aware of your physical shape and what you want to do with it in order to find the most suitable in weight and structure.

As we have anticipated before, the medicine ball will help you perform strength exercises, such as throws, lifts or to create resistance, and you can incorporate it into the movements that you normally did to add extra power or perform new activities with it as the protagonist.

If you are interested in this way of training and you want to find the perfect medicine ball for you, we leave you a compilation of different models that you can find on Amazon so that you can get the one that best suits your needs.

Medicinal ball of varied weights

This classic medicine ball model is available in weights from 1 kg to 10, so you can find the one that best suits your physical shape. It is made of non-slip rubber for better grip and handling.


Medicine ball with handles

If you need an extra grip point to use this sports element, it is best to choose a ball like this, with two handles on the sides. This one is 8 kg and is filled with high-density organic cotton.

Rubber medicine ball

In this case, the material influences the type of medicine ball since the rubber allows the ball to have more rebound capacity than in other models. It has small roughnesses for greater adherence and is also available in different weights, in addition, this model has a valve to inflate it.