A significant part of any modern web strategy is responsive design, and it should also be part of yours. A responsive website, regardless of the system type, screen size, features, and settings, changes itself according to the viewer.

Importance of Responsive Website Design

The previous need to develop a dedicated mobile website for smartphone users is now superseded by responsive website design. Now, instead of designing several websites for various screen sizes, you can design only one website that automatically scales up or down to accommodate the computer on which it is displayed.

The ultimate purpose of responsive design is to prevent the excessive resizing, scrolling, zooming, or panning of pages that have not been designed for various devices from occurring. Navigating these pages is always really challenging, and it could even cost you potential customers who get frustrated with trying to find out how to do something.

Qualities of Unique and Responsive Website Design Agency

They Offer Improved User Experience

A website designed by leading web design agency leads to a better user experience. The time they spend on your site is a big factor reflecting the consistency of the user experience. If they find it difficult to navigate or use, since they are constantly forced to pinch and zoom, they will not remain on your website.

But if your website scales and reacts to the shift in screen size, then accessing menus, links, buttons, or filling out forms will not be difficult for visitors. As a result, they’ll be better at their user experience and spend more time on your platform.

Improved user interface and web accessibility will then lead the company to more word of mouth referrals and new customers.

You Get Faster Website Development

Not so long ago, when a smaller screen size was observed, a common procedure involved making a separate mobile version of your site that was served. It takes more time, however, to create a mobile version of your site than to build a responsive website that looks fantastic and works as expected no matter what device your visitors use.

The fact that it cost more because your web developer has to build two websites instead of one is another drawback of a mobile website edition.

Easier Maintenance

Easier website maintenance is directly related to the above issue. Your employees or your development team would share time and money to handle two websites with two versions of your website.

With a leading web design agency such as Plan A, your employees will spend less time on maintenance tasks with a responsive website and concentrate on more critical tasks like marketing, A / B testing, customer support, product or content creation, and more.

They Offer Better Website Loading Times

Generally, on all devices but especially on smartphones and tablets, websites that are responsive tend to load faster. It takes substantially less time for a website to load, which has a direct effect on the length of your user’s visit, thanks to responsive images and fluid grids.

If page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, about 53 percent of mobile visitors would leave a site. The same research shows that fast-loading websites benefit from more on-site time spent as well as increased conversion rates. This speaks volumes about the significance of responsive web design agency.

It may become costly to maintain different pages for your mobile and non-mobile audiences. You can save money with the use of responsive design by removing the expense of paying for a mobile site. To cater to all users and all devices, you would only need to invest in a leading web design agency in Dubai such as plan A. Contact them today for a free quote.